Brands complement superbowl ads on social media

MANILA, Philippines - Ad placements on America’s Superbowl are prime spots.
But two companies, agile on their feet, adapt to the situation-- transforming a bad situation into a great opportunity.
Josh Villanueva reports.

From the advertising point of view, TV ads during last Sunday’s Superbowl are nearly as important as the game itself.
The commercials went for as high as 4 million dollars for a 30-second spot.
But social media is changing the advertising landscape.
Take the case of little known home soda maker “Sodastream”.
The company’s Superbowl ad - which took digs at other Superbowl sponsors Coke & Pepsi, was rejected by CBS - the network which airs the game.
But interest surrounding the ad - named “Game changer," catapults the un-aired ad to over 4 million views on YouTube.
That’s a view for every dollar the company was supposed to spend for that 30 second spot, except that they didn’t spend a cent.
Another brand that took advantage of social media to great success was Oreo.
Taking advantage of the 34-minute power outage at the middle of the game, the cookie company was quick to tweet a photo that said: "Power out? No problem you can dunk in the dark."
The tweet was retweeted more than 15 thousand times and received more attention than Oreo’s own super bowl commercial.
Both cases show how if done right, social media can be used to turn lemons into lemonade.
Josh Villanueva, Rappler.