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During the Mamasapano hearing at the House of Representatives Wednesday Bayan Muna party list representative Neri Colmenares concludes... President Benigno Aquino told the military not to interfere in a police operation meant to hunt down terrorists.

NERI COLMENARES, PARTY-LIST REPRESENTATIVE: There are telltale signs of an order for the troops to stand down. If there’s one reason why President Aquino should be made to account for this is precisely because he has control of the operations. Precisely he should be held accountable for this.

During the hearing, ground commanders from the police and military give their testimonies.
Special Action Force or SAF member Michael Mangahis turns emotional.
He refutes an army colonel’s claim that the SAF did not give coordinates to the military’s 55th Special Action Company.
At that time, a police operation codenamed Exodus had gone wrong with elite commandos in unfamiliar ground, outnumbered, surrounded and running out of ammunition.
The bloody event ended in the death 44 SAF troops, 5 civilians and 18 rebels.

MICHAEL MANGAHIS, PNP-SAF TROOPER: May I speak freely? Naniniwala ako na first meeting namin ni Colonel del Rosario, na-explain ko po properly yung position ng troops. 

(I believe that during my first meeting with Colonel del Rosario, I was able to explain the position of the troops properly) 

Former SAF deputy director Chief Superintendent Noli Taliño backs up Mangahis, saying army colonel Gener Del Rosario turned down their request for artillery due to lack of clearance from commander Major General Edmundo Pangilinan.
Mangahis asks the army to come clean.

MICHAEL MANGAHIS, PNP-SAF TROOPER: Ang nakafrontline diyan is mga tao natin sir. Pero 5 feet lang ang distance natin peace process ang nababanggit.
(It’s our troops in the frontline, sir. Our distance is only 5 feet.)

Man up, sir… Man up. 

ACT Teachers party list representative Antonio Tinio says there is no legal basis for approving Oplan Exodus.
Justice secretary Leila de Lima contradicts Tinio. 

ANTONIO TINIO, PARTY-LIST REPRESENTATIVE: Malinaw dito na kahit pagbabatayan natin yung sariling paliwanag ng DFA at DOJ eh illegal po.
(It’s clear that it’s illegal even if we base conclusions on the DFA and DOJ statements.)
There is no legal basis, it’s an illegal activity. Illegal and constitutional. 

The hearing lasts for 11 hours.
Many questions reveal how little the legislators know of the Muslim rebellion.
At one point, Moro Islamic Liberation Front chief Mohagher Iqbal is grilled about his use of an alias.
He argues it was common practice among revolutionary groups.
This is the first time Iqbal shows up in a House hearing.

MOHAGHER IQBAL, MILF CHIEF NEGOTIATOR: I have so many names. That's natural in revolutionary organizations.
I have taken a small effort to make some research last night. It’s natural in a revolutionary organization that members of that organization has so many names, and I think I am one of those who have many names.

Iqbal adds, even heroes such as Marcelo del Pilar used pseudonyms during the revolution against Spain.

A Singapore court charges a Filipino nurse with sedition and lying to police over a series of social media posts which were deemed offensive.
Nurse Ello Ed Mundsel Bello, faces two charges of publishing seditious statements when he allegedly posted ‘Singaporean are losers in their own country.’
Ello later told police his social media account was hacked.
In Hong Kong, a Filipina and a British man are arrested on suspicion of “ill-treatment or neglect of a child or a young person.”
The couple’s daughter jumped from the 21st storey of an apartment block.
And in Japan, a former school principal is arrested over allegations he paid for sex with 12,000 women while in the Philippines, at least one of them as young as 13.
Japanese press says Yuhei Takashima meticulously recorded nearly 150,000 photographs of his sexual exploits over a 27-year period since 1988.


Vice President Jejomar Binay dares Senator Antonio Trillanes to sue him and the Court of Appeals justices for graft and corruption.
Trillanes alleges the Binays had paid off the higher court to stop his son’s preventive suspension.
Binay challenges Trillanes, saying the senator is "all talk."

JEJOMAR BINAY, PHILIPPINE VICE PRESIDENT: It’s a sweeping statement. So, i-file na niya ang kaso. Ito naman puro sabi sabi, wala naman siyang napu-pruweba. Iyon na yata ang Tatak Trillanes. Eh 'di file-an niya ng kaso ha. Ihabla niya, graft and corruption.

(It’s a sweeping statement. He is all talk, talk. He has not proven anything. That perhaps is the mark of Trillanes. Then he should file a case. He should sue for graft and corruption.)

Binay adds it is Trillanes’ style to make accusations he cannot prove.

JEJOMAR BINAY, PHILIPPINE VICE PRESIDENT: Tatak Trillanes ay mamimintang, maninira, manlalait pero 'di naman niya mai-pruweba.

(It is Trillanes' style to accuse, destroy reputations, and insult, but he cannot prove it.)

In a radio interview, Trillanes alleged a “fixer” was involved in stopping the suspension of Makati Mayor Junjun Binay.


A total of 342 Filipinos flee Yemen as clashes rage between rebels and loyalist in a brewing civil war.
The Philippine Foreign Affairs Department or DFA says the situation in Yemen remains volatile and uncertain.
It urges all remaining Filipinos in Yemen to register with crisis management teams and join the last remaining land evacuation.
A Saudi-led coalition is waging an air war on the Iran-backed Huthi Shiite rebels. 



Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach says his fighter has “hostile feelings” towards Floyd Mayweather.
Roach says Pacquiao does not particularly like Mayweather due to the latter’s history of domestic violence.
He tells USA Today,
“That is a big plus for me that Manny does not like the guy… I think the killer instinct is going to come back a lot faster.”
In June 2012, Mayweather spent two months at a detention center in Las Vegas
for a physical altercation involving Josie Harris, mother to three of his four children.


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