Great video games for summer

Hyped up about games? Here are some titles worth looking at for your game consoles.
Rappler’s technology writer and resident gamer Victor Barreiro files this report.

With summer vacation ahead... here are 4 titles for your game consoles that may be worth your time.
Following the Dark Souls series,from Software's PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne pits the player against the grotesqueries of the city of Yharnam.
Your task is to skillfully slash and shoot your way through fearsome foes to uncover the city's secret.
We recommend Bloodborne for fans of tough action games requiring skill rather than luck to succeed.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is the remastered PS4 and Xbox One version of a PlayStation Portable title.
You take on 14 distinct personas in the form of Class Zero as a war threatens to tear their city – and their entire world – apart.
Even more awesome: new copies of this game should come with a demo for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, called Episode Duscae.
All in all, this is recommended gaming for role-playing fans, lovers of Square Enix's Final Fantasy franchise, and those looking for strategic action combat.

Released back in mid-February, Capcom's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS deserves a mention.
Why? Simply because of the addicting way it lures players into the trap of slaying gigantic monsters with outrageous weapons.
Come for the monster-hunting, and stay for the cooperative play that lets you slay foes with a group of like-minded players.

This city building and management game by Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive has players stretching their imaginations and logical thinking skills.
Build the city of your dreams, whether it's a suburban sprawl or a megacity of steel and concrete.
If you've ever wanted to solve the world's traffic problems, this is the place to start.
Victor Barreiro, Rappler, Manila.

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