Social Good Dialogue: Public service and Social Media

MANILA, Philippines - Government representatives, digital marketers, and prominent social media users spoke in the second session of the Social Good Dialogue held Saturday, September 22, 2012 at Greenbelt 3 as part of the morning program of the Social Good Summit.

In the invite-only session, speakers came together to answer the question, "How can new media and technology create solutions in my community."

Watch the speakers below: 

Minette Navarrete (Kickstart)

Tonyo Cruz (TxtPower)

Ros Juan (TweetUpMNL)

Manny Fernando (IMMAP)

Yves Gonzalez (MMDA)

Manolo Quezon III (PCDSPO)

Pacita 'Chit' Juan (Phil Coffee Board) 

Mahar Lagmay (Project NOAH)

Question and Answer: