WebHits: Santa parkour

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MANILA, Philippines – Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus gets from one roof to another when he's dropping off gifts for all the kids who were nice the entire year?

In this video uploaded by Ronnie Street Stunts, stunt artist Ronnie Shalvis dresses up as St. Nicholas and starts going around jumping off roof tops, rolling on snow, and basically doing things we never thought Santa could do.


In a post on his website, Shalvis enumerated the conditions he had to work with while filming the video.

He wrote how it was freezing cold making body movements are slower and more difficult to execute. Most of the shots were done at night, so he had to rely more on feel rather than seeing the terrain. The Snow and ice made everything slippery making it extra hard take off and land. Lastly, he said the costume's fat padding added weight and restricted his movement a bit and the beard would get in the way when he did flips so most of the time, landings were blind.

Shalvis was pleased with his work and felt very lucky he had no major injuries while performing the stunts. - Rappler.com