[EDITORIAL] #AnimatED: Tragic rides, drastic steps for the MRT

There is something disturbing about the fact that we, commuters and social media users, could laugh off the latest horror on the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). After a few curses and condemnation of we’re-now-confused-which government, it was countless memes and witty posts that defined how most people would remember the sudden detachment of a carriage, forcing the train to stop between stations and giving commuters no other option but to walk on the tracks to the next stop.

Just the day before that, a female commuter, fainting right after alighting from the train, fell between the cars; her arm was cut off. But after less than 24 hours of being appalled by the incident, we were feeling good as we got wind of news about the victim’s arm being put back and about the medical intern having the presence of mind to attend to her during the emergency. 

Now, we await how the story will progress – no different perhaps from a teleserye – because a transportation undersecretary has said government agents are investigating the possibility of the uncoupling of the trains being done deliberately by some insider or former insider to put the government in a bad light. Remember that the Duterte government has just cancelled the maintenance contract of the unqualified but favored consortium of the Aquino administration.