Nostalgia: My teacher, my mentor

The tears


No frills–just simple conversations between a president and his people, using the simple technologies of their time, radio and postage stamps. Television was yet to be invented. Photo opportunities were yet to be concocted.


Who would have thought that sincerity and a genuine concern for people could be transmitted over the airwaves–or preserved in handwritten notes smudged with tears?


Technology is useless without sincerity. All the sophisticated tools of mass communications cannot create rapport—or connect with people–without a genuine concern.


Perhaps it is time to learn again the lost art of conversation—one on one, up close and personal. It just might work in the gilded age of media and technology.


The simple things usually do. The complicated things trip us.


My teacher, my mentor, my father, taught me on lazy Sunday mornings while having his favorite cup of coffee when he was still with us. That was how I learned about the Thomasites, who taught him how to teach well. -


Winston Marbella is the founder and CEO of a management consulting think tank. You can contact him at