What kids want for elections

Although the 2013 elections may seem like proof of how hopeless this country is, it could also be perceived as a continued challenge we all have to overcome.

While the entire nation tries to predict what is going to happen to the country after elections, the “little Juans” have a little something to say.

When I asked a few kids from Las Piñas to complete the sentence, “Sana ngayong eleksyon…” (I hope this election…) their answers were filled with simplicity and innocence.

Wanting to be heard

While some children did not want their faces to be seen, others were very eager to have their picture taken.

One of them told his older brother to write what he wanted to say for him because he still did not know how to write.

Most of them would ask me, “Ate, mababasa ng mga tao yang sinulat ko diba?” (People will read what I will write, right?)

I promised them that I would get their messages across.  

A lot of people would agree with me when I say that the children’s little voices could not do much, and it would take a miracle for candidates to even listen to them.

We have to realize that when these little voices are put together, it may be loud enough to call for change.

Little voices, big hopes

A group of kids were still writing when a tricycle driver, probably in his late 40’s, approached us and quipped, “Bale wala naman na yan! Wala namang nangyayari.” (That’s pointless. That will have no effect.)  

One of the kids reacted immediately saying, “Hindi po!” (No!) as she gamely showed off what she had written to her friends.

Children have their own way of seeing the world. Oftentimes, their views are with greater optimism and confidence than reality could offer. It is in their optimism and confidence that we could still rekindle our own.

What they have written is not just addressed to the candidates and other election officials, but to every single voter.

Voting the right people is just the first step. Making sure they fulfil their duties after they assume public office is the much bigger challenge.

It is our responsibility to hold the candidates accountable for their checklist of promises.

It’s about time we make these children’s little voices count through our votes. –Rappler.com

Justine Siscar is a Rappler Ambassador. Follow her on Twitter for real-time updates.