[PODCAST] I've Got An Opinion: I don't believe in god

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MANILA, Philippines – Religion is linked with the Filipino identity. The Philippines is often cited as a predominantly Catholic country, and has the largest Catholic community in Southeast Asia. Not only has it greatly influenced Filipino culture, but it is even deeply entrenched in Filipino politics

But what about Filipinos who don't believe in the existence of god? What is life like for them, and how do they navigate society when many people look down on atheists or even consider them bad people? 

In the inaugural episode of I've Got An Opinion, Rappler's podcast on ordinary people with extraordinary beliefs, we talk to 33-year-old David Ong, an atheist.

What led him to his atheism? What values does he hold? Would he raise his child godless or marry a staunch Catholic? Let's find out! – Rappler.com