Sexism, 'Playgirls', and the Liberal Party

“Twerk It Like Miley” blared from the speakers, as multi-colored lights flashed against a scantily-clad woman wearing black underwear and silver sneakers. She twerked and grinded herself against the crotch of a man lying back on the floor enjoying the show.

“We are The Playgirls!” the woman proudly declared as they started another dance number. This scene is the kind you find in both the flashy red light districts catering to old retiring foreigners and among small-time beer houses serving sisig with beer. 

On Thursday, October 1, however, we found it in the most awkward of places: 2 in the afternoon at what appears to be an event for a congressman, his smiling face in the tarpaulin at the back, lauding his 40 years in service and wishing him a Happy Birthday. Who were the patrons? Local officials and some of the congressman’s constituents.

According to the emcee the women are gifts from embattled MMDA Chair and Senate hopeful Francis Tolentino.