Déjà vu: Why I am strongly against our signing the Paris climate deal

What the Paris deal is partial to are schemes favored by corporations like carbon trading, carbon offsets, and tree planting programs like REDD+. These are false solutions that only deflect attention from the need for deep binding commitments by the developed countries.

We are back in 1994, when we warned against ratifying the World Trade Organization agreement, but the Ramos administration went ahead and ratified it, saying not ratifying it would cut the Philippines off from the rest of the world and calling opponents like me all sorts of names. Twenty-two years later, our agriculture and industry have been destroyed by the trade liberalization that ensued, and indeed, the consensus of developing countries now is that the WTO simply functioned as a mechanism for the North to resubordinate the rising economies of the South. Now the same Fidel Ramos is again calling on the government to approve another unequal agreement!

We cannot afford to make the same mistake.

I don't know and don't care to know why President Rodrigo Duterte is opposed to signing the Paris Agreement. All I know is that whoever were the head of state today, I would recommend against signing the deal. Indeed, if the Philippine government does not sign on, this would encourage other developing country governments to withhold their signatures and expose the fact that the emperor wears no clothes.

No deal is better than a bad deal, and the Paris Climate Agreement is a bad deal. – Rappler.com

A climate advocate, former congressman Walden Bello was one of the leaders of the national movement against the ratification of the World Trade Organization Agreement in 1994.