Leni leads PH pro-democracy movement

As emerging leader and face of the pro-democracy movement in the country, Mrs. Robredo would have to present to the Filipino people her agenda, vision, and formula on how to untangle the authoritarian mess that the incumbent president has been creating after nearly six months of incumbency.

Moreover, the Vice President would have to present her version of an anti-drug war that's premised on the twin principles of rule of law and due process, and a wholistic rehabilitation program for thousands of drug users. She would have to provide a rehab program that combines the latest but most effective therapeutic approaches to bring those users not to their graveyards but back to mainstream society, where they could become productive citizens again.

But her biggest challenge lies in leading the entire pro-democracy movement to reclaim the nation’s democratic ideals that are being eroded slowly by the administration’s authoritarian tendencies, as well as to stop efforts to undermine the democratic institutions and processes and reinstall an authoritarian regime. 

Mrs. Robredo has to stop by all means the current initiatives of defeated vice presidential Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, who has been claiming that he was cheated in the last presidential elections. The mediocre son of the detested dictator does not seem to understand that if the Liberal Party, under which Mrs. Robredo ran, had indeed cheated, it would have done it for the presidency and not the vice presidency. 

As the country’s second highest political leader, Mrs. Robredo has no choice but to lead the political opposition. It is her task to take the Liberal Party away from the Super Majority Coalition in Congress and assume an opposition stance primarily to stop the passage of authoritarian legislative measures, which include the bill restoring the death penalty and the bill lowering the age of criminal liability to nine years of age.

She would have to lead the combined pro-democracy movement and the political opposition to a direction that seeks to apply a more intensive and extensive pressure politics to force the current administration to step down to enable the democratic forces to retake political power. – Rappler.com