Verbal abuse

Lessons of non-aggression

Our curriculum was designed to inculcate lessons about equality (along lines of gender, class and disability), love for the environment and peace.

One of the most important life skills we teach to achieve our goals, are non-aggressive ways to resolve conflict.

If someone steals your snack, don’t punch him or her in the face! There are better ways to solve the problem. If someone runs into you at play, you must not take it as an affront. See if this was accidental instead and then move on.

Non-aggression also lies at our efforts to stop bullying on the basis of class and gender differences. It is a starting base from which a child can be taught not to harm animals and to care for the environment. It is in these early steps of non-aggression that children will learn important lessons such as one does not rape. It is an atmosphere of peace that children learn the value of peace.

Indeed it is the aggressive kids we look out for because they signal to us family problems including family violence.

I will also inform the reader that more than half of our kids came from poorer backgrounds. So if anyone claims that only privileged kids deserve the luxury of a worry-free childhood then he is saying that the poor cannot have the basic entitlements that all should enjoy. Anyone who has worked in poor communities, as I have, will also know that such childhoods happen even among the less advantaged.

If our President wants to treat our children to shape a society of war and strife, he has certainly done a good start of it with the kids he spoke to that day.

Normally we also teach our children to obey authority except in those cases where they are being abused by the person in authority whether it be their father, the priest, the Chief Scout or the Father of the Nation.

I guess we will have to teach the Philippine Boy Scouts not to follow the example of the Chief Scout. I will remind their leaders that the philosophy of our day care center certainly coincides more with the scout oath and scout law than the mad ramblings of an angry and violent President. –