Daughter of football-mad MH370 steward gets Liverpool jersey

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – The daughter of the chief steward of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, who has written poignant blogs about his father, has received a sentimental gift from readers who learned that the father was a football fan.

Specifically, Maria Elizabeth Nari got a jersey signed by Liverpool players and manager in honor of her father, Andrew Nari

She said 3 Malaysian Liverpool fans "went through a few obstacles" to get the shirt signed by the club's players and manager after a recent game at Anfield.

"Feeling so blessed! I've no clue how to thank all of you," the 17-year-old wrote as she posted a picture of the shirt over the weekend on Twitter. The post has been retweeted over 3,500 times so far.

Dear @LFC, thank you for this wonderful gift! Jersey signed by Liverpool players & manager. Thank you so much! #YNWA pic.twitter.com/JAGHZM7H8f — Maira E. (@MairaElizxbeth_) April 12, 2014

"It is indeed beautiful and true, that 'You'll Never Walk Alone,'" she added, in a reference to the team's slogan.

The teenager said she would frame the red jersey, which bears the name of her father, who was working as chief steward on flight MH370 when it vanished on March 8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

"Dad, this is for you. I bet you're the happiest person on earth right now," Nari wrote as she posted a montage of herself wearing the shirt, a close-up of the autographs and an image of her father.

Nari's relentless optimism that her father is still alive, in spite of officials' belief that the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean, has captured the hearts of many Malaysians.

Liverpool said in March it was "touched" by a Twitter message from Nari, appealing for her dad to "come home" to watch the club's game on live television.

"Daddy, Liverpool is winning the game. Come home, so you can watch the game! You never miss watching the game. It's your very first time," Nari wrote.

Despite a massive international search for the aircraft, no trace of any wreckage from the Malaysia Airlines jet has yet been found.

Liverpool edged out title rivals Manchester City 3-2 on Sunday, April 13, to maintain their position at the top of the English Premier League with 4 games to go.

So proud of Liverpool tonight. It was.., just wow! I am so happy, my dad must be happy, & I am pretty sure the Liverpudlians are happy. :D — Maira E. (@MairaElizxbeth_) April 13, 2014

"May Liverpool will always be on top of the chart, and hope you'll win this season for daddy, for us, and for the fans," Nari added in her post. – Rappler.com