FOTO: Dea Rizkita tampilkan ‘Ibu Pertiwi’ di panggung ‘Miss Grand International 2017’

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Puteri Indonesia Perdamaian Dea Goesti Rizkita kini tengah berada dalam masa karantina kontes kecantikan Miss Grand International 2017 di Vietnam. Sebagai salah satu rangkaian acara, seluruh kontestan pun menampilkan kostum nasional masing-masing.

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Seperti yang sebelumnya telah ditampilkan dalam konferensi pers sebelum ia berangkat, Dea Rizkita mengenakan kostum bertema Ibu Pertiwi di atas panggung.

13.10.17 - Good morning dear Indonesia, last night was one of the best day of my life. Thank you for all of your support, your prayers, your trust and everything that made me here today. It was more than honour, it was more than proud, it was more than a dream came true to bring Indonesia to the stage. Thank you also for all of your answer on my previous post. It lifted me up to read all of it before i walk to the stage last night. Trust me, this not just about me. This national costume last night, was all about you. All about Indonesia. So thank you and thank you again for everyone in the team of this amazing national costume, thank you so much for everything. Please do keep your support and pray for me. I love you my Indonesia, i really do. #dazzlingdea #puteriindonesiaperdamaian #missgrandinternational2017 #indonesia  #repost @mydeardea Yes!! This is it...our Dazzling Dea proudly presenting our Wonderful Indonesia through "Ibu Pertiwi" (Motherland) National Costume!!! Pesona Dea, Pesona Indonesia  Great job, dear! You've done your best & now let God do the rest! So Proud of you, #MyDearDea @dearizkita !!! #PROUDEA #dazzlingdea #puteriindonesiaperdamaian #missgrandinternational2017 #indonesia A post shared by Dea Rizkita (@dearizkita) on Oct 12, 2017 at 5:09pm PDT

Perempuan kelahiran 28 Juni 1993 ini tampil anggun dengan busana hasil kerjasama rancangan Morphacio Body Art dan Maya Ratih Couture.

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Meskipun mengenakan busana seberat 27 kilogram, Dea tetap tampil percaya diri dan memukau para juri serta penonton.

National Costume Miss Grand Indonesia 2017 @dearizkita @missgrandinternational . . MOTHERLAND: "The Sky is my Father, and The Earth is my Mother" Morphacio and Maya Ratih . . This costume has the meaning of a circular shape taken from the base form of the Moon (the eastern culture that close to the sea and the moon) and its about the mother figure, the queen, and the woman. Then the blue color depicts the glory of Indonesia as a Maritime Country. Panca (five blue crystals in the circle of the moon) symbolize the harmony of Indonesian people in the ideology of Pancasila, Tri (Three blue crystals on headdress) symbolize the perfection of body, soul, and spirit. Five yellow crystals depict the young generation are like buds of the nation which is the hope and successor/future of the nation. The wings on the shoulders symbolize the tenderness and strength, the prayers and the songs of the ancestors. The backbone symbolizes Indonesia is the "backbone of the World" where Indonesia holds abundant natural wealth and Indonesia is a very influential country in the world political map. The wing belt symbolizes fertility and a close brotherhood. Fingers and right arm describe the wisdom, skill and soul that protect the society. The temple symbolizes "our bodies are temples, our bodies are His temple", as well as Indonesian people from various social and cultural backgrounds to individuals seeking self-enlightenment. Five Nusantara fabrics illustrate the cultural diversity in Indonesia which contain the thoughts and philosophy that accompany the journey of the Indonesian people to be whole person, as a true person. Talking about the philosophy of 'triangle' and 'mountains', it is associated with an understanding of the 'Tree of Life'. The meeting of the sky and the sea is interpreted as the harmony of Human, Nature, and the Creator. . . . MUA by : @officialmoors by @mustikaratuind @arnold_pamungkas Photographer by : @ronnyariojoewono Art director and stylist by : @nikhonurkholis National Costume by : @morphaciobodyart and @mayaratihcouture . . . #yayasanputeriindoneia #mustikaratu #puteriindonesiaperdamaian2017 #missgrandindonesia2017 #dearizki A post shared by Puteri Indonesia (@officialputeriindonesia) on Oct 12, 2017 at 7:08am PDT

Namun pemenang dari sesi national costume ini baru akan diketahui pada malam final pada tanggal 25 Oktober mendatang. Sebagai tambahan nilai untuk Dea, kamu bisa menekan tombol Like atau Suka di foto berikut ini: