Escaped tiger from flooded Georgia zoo kills man

TBILISI, Georgia – A tiger that ran loose from Georgia's zoo after disastrous floods at the weekend has killed a man in central Tbilisi Wednesday, June 17, an interior ministry spokeswoman said.

"A tiger" has attacked and "killed a man", leading police to deploy special forces to hunt down the predator, ministry spokeswoman Nino Giorgobiani told Agence France-Presse.

Georgian media said it had been hiding in a warehouse and escaped the citywide police search for the roaming animals, many of whom were shot dead.

Floods hit Tbilisi on Sunday, killing at least 17 people and ravaging the city's central districts including the zoo, where hundreds of animals – including lions, tigers, wolves and a hippo escaped.

Over half of the animals – some 300 animals – either drowned in the muddy waters or were killed by police. –