WATCH: Doha Debates 2020

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DOHA, Qatar – Doha Debates examines the world's most pressing challenges through live debates, digital videos, a TV series, blogs and podcasts.

This innovative approach includes Majlis-style conversations designed to bridge differences, build consensus and identify solutions to urgent global issues.

Why this debate and why now? Recent research suggests that most of us — including Generation Z — won’t live to see gender equality achieved worldwide, a milestone that is almost 100 years away. Awareness of this fact has fueled conversations around how to address this, and in this debate, our experts discuss one possible solution: quotas.


Gene editing allows scientists to change an organism’s DNA, and the science behind it has accelerated in the past decade, thanks to a tool known as CRISPR. CRISPR heralds a new phase in human evolution: We now have the ability to change and rewrite our genetic code.

In this debate, we ask what long-term challenges and opportunities CRISPR presents, looking closely at two particular consequences: the implications of gene editing on global inequality, and the risk to evolution.