LIVE: Obama wins, say U.S. media

MANILA, Philippines / COLUMBUS, Ohio, United States - A divided America goes to the polls Tuesday, November 6, to decide the close presidential race between Democrat President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

The final national polls showed an effective tie, with either Romney or Obama favored by a single point in most surveys, reflecting the polarized politics of a deeply divided nation.

Among those who are expected to troop to the voting precincts - or have voted already - are 700,000 Filipino-Americans mostly in the West Coast (49%), particularly California. Like the rest of the population, they are concerned with issues affecting the economy, immigration, job creation, and health care.

Our Carmela Fonbuena is also covering the elections in the make-or-break state of Ohio, one of the important swing states that could decide who will lead the US in the next 4 years.

You can also see the live blog below in the old format.

- / Carmela Fonbuena