Asians will be largest U.S. immigrant group by 2055 – Pew

MANILA, Philippines – Growing 72% in just 15 years, the Asian population might become the largest immigrant group in the United States, a research by US-based Pew Research Center said on Friday, September 8. 

The study posted on their website said that the US Asian population grew from 11.9 million in 2000 to 20.4 million in 2015 - the fastest growth rate of any major racial or ethnic group.

Hispanics, the second-fastest growing group, grew by 60% during the same period. 

This growth rate suggests that Asian Americans will be the largest immigrant group in the US by 2055, making up 38% of all US immigrants while Hispanics will be at 31%, the study said.

Filipinos comprise the third largest Asian group at 3,899,000, 19% of the national Asian population. They are next only to Asian Indians at 3,982,000 and Chinese at 4,948000.

This modern immigration wave from Asia has accounted for one-quarter of all immigrants who arrived in the US since 1965, the research said. 59% of Asians in the US were born in another country. 

Moreover, the research showed that among the 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the US, 13% are from Asia.

The top 15 origin groups for unauthorized immigrants include Asian countries: India (500,000), China (325,000), the Philippines (180,000) and Korea (160,000). (READ: 'FAST FACTS: What you need to know about U.S. Pinoys and DACA') 

Other highlights from the research: 

Pew also showed that Filipinos are among the households with the highest median income in the Asian population. Indian households have the highest median income ($100,000), followed by Filipinos ($80,000), Japanese and Sri Lankans (each $74,000).  

Poverty rate among Asian groups was also lowest for Filipinos (7.5%), Indians (7.5%) and Japanese (8.4%). –