WATCH: The Inauguration of Donald Trump

WASHINGTON DC, USA (UPDATED) – On January 20, Barack Hussein Obama handed over the reins of the United States government to his successor, Donald John Trump. 

Trump, 70, had written one of the most incredible pages in his country's history: the accession to the White House of a man without the slightest political experience, and whose xenophobic and sexist utterances during the campaign had caused shock, anger and scandal.

And yet he had been embraced, with some enthusiasm, by a significant part of America.

After an acrimonious, bruising election campaign, Trump took the Oath of Office and became the 45th President of the United States, in a day full of tradition, pomp, and ceremony.

On the steps of the West Front of the United States Capitol, in front of former US presidents, top officials, diplomats, lawmakers, and thousands of citizens, Trump uttered these words:

And from that point on, the man initially dismissed by many became the world's most powerful person. 

Direct from Washington DC, Rappler streamed the 58th US presidential inauguration ceremonies live starting 11pm Manila time (10am in Washington DC), courtesy of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies of the US Congress.

You can watch the inauguration ceremonies in the video above.  –