VLOGS: 'US elections 2016 proved racism, sexism, white supremacy'

MANILA, Philippines – After 18 months of campaigning, the United States has finally elected its new president.

As soon as the results were announced on Wednesday, November 9 (Manila time), some US citizens took to Facebook Live to air their sentiments and reactions to Donald Trump's win.

Here are some of what we've found: 


1) "This nation is more sexist and racist than we ever knew and this election brought that to life tonight," Facebook user Daveon Robert Sadusky said, frustrated.

"I am not hateful towards the man. He is a businessman. He knows the business. He may have had his failures but that doesn't mean he was suited to be president," he said.

Sadusky is an African American.

"Are you a minority in America today?.... If Martin Luther King, Jr was alive today. You know he'd be praying to God saying 'oh no this is not what I meant by 'I have a dream,'" he said. 

"If any other minority said what Trump said about grabbing women by their pussies, there would be ten times more the outrage. We all know that," he added.

He also shared his dad is gay and now fears for his dad's rights. "The legalization of gay marraige is still fairly fresh and to have a president and vice president who are equally against is astonishing and scary," he added. 


2) "I live in a country that voted for hatred," 27-yeard old Facebook user Ray Fry said.

"We just elected a racist, vindictive, egotistical, mysoginist president," he said about Trump.  

"[I was] thinking that this is going to be the last day as an African American homosexual male that I'm going to live in peace.... I have to suffer 4 years of Donald Trump," he said. 


3) "Congratulations. That was gangster," Facebook user James Fulsom said, amused to wake up with the country's choice of president.

"He said whatever he wanted to say and you all elected him as president and clapped for him like it's okay for him to say 'I wanted to grab her pussy so I grabbed her pussy,'" he added.

Keeping the video short, he moved on to remind his followers of the benefits of starting the day early. "Let's be great today," he said.


4) "Maybe he'll be a good president, who knows? Maybe he'll be the best president, who knows? But it's not going to take away the fact that I heard all those shit that people said about Mexican Americans."

Facebook user Bridget Morales was in tears, frustrated over the hatred that her race or culture received during the campaign. "He clearly won for being racist, sexist, and being a homophobe. He won basically on wanting to ban the Muslims and wanting to build a wall," she said.

Toward the end of the video, some commenters started attacking her for her looks, instead of sticking to the issue. 


5) Facebook user Kendall Wyatt voiced his disappoinment in his community for not going out to vote. 

"What we learned is that 12% of the black community in Indiana voted last night," he said.

"Racism is alive and well in the country," Wyatt added. "I learned exactly how my country feels about me as a black man last night, how they feel about my two babies; what this country thinks about black folks, hispanics, gays, women, immigrants, or anyone who is non-christian."


6. "It's going to be very impossible for Donald Trump to talk about uniting a country in which he has done so much to divide," said Facebook user Laban King. 

Trump supporter Facebook user Robbie Wright also has a message for his LGBT and colored friends.

"I am sorry that my vote went to a sexist, racist, bigot but I wholeheartedly do not believe that Hillary Clinton would have supported your rights or protected you in any way better than Trump would've," he said.

Below are some live videos of street protests after the results.

• Downtown Los Angeles


• Portland

Meanwhile, here's a citizen celebrating Trump's win in New York. "Everyone here is so peaceful. Everyone here is having a good time," he described the mood.

Trump raised the people's hackles with his controversial comments on immigration, gun control, and women, among other issues. He also tagged several countries, including the Philippines, as terrorist nations.  

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